P. G. Wodehouse created a lot of international buzz with Thank You, Jeeves, and the 2nd novel in the "series", Right Ho, Jeeves, brought him even more praise and esteem. All the characters from the original are alive and well in the second installment, while new characters are also introduced. The novel debuted on the English and American bookshelves in 1934, but, before that, it was featured in SEP (Saturday Evening Post).

Bertie, the main character of the first book, returns to the United Kingdom from France. While he was away, Jeeves was trying to put some sense into Gussie's head, a man who's deeply in love with a goofy, crazed and peculiar girlie - Madeline. Gussie is a shy, non-confident fella, and he can't work up the courage to go and speak to the "love of his life".

Bertie is a bit disappointed by the fact that the lad didn't ask him for a romantic advice and decides to take over his "case". Soon, when Bertie tries to "sniff out" Madeline's true intentions for Gussie and to figure out whether she love him or not, she misreads him and thinks that he's offering her to marry him. Obviously, that was never his intention!

Thankfully, she doesn't go crazy and declines his proposal, claiming that her heart is already taken by Gus. Bertie feels relieved and goes to his pal to deliver the fantastic news. However, the vagabond is still chickening out and can't find the strength to propose to the lovely senhora. Right Ho, Jeeves is a brilliantly-written romantic comedy about true love, friendship, dedication, and trust. P. G. Wodehouse created an exciting, entertaining and laid-back kinda novel that will equally be appreciated by the fans of romance and historical sagas.

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