We don't usually get erotic novels from male authors, but, when it comes to Scott Hildreth, dirty, filthy, naughty and sexy are the words that come to mind. This man writes one of the greatest novels in the genre, so, if you're a fan, make sure to check his other books out! Grayson is one of those handsome bikers that look like Nordic Gods. Plus, he's smart, intelligent, and a single father - perfect for a long-time relationship.

He's got more charisma than any girl/woman can handle, and he's quick to use it for one-night stands. Yep, he might be relationship material in the eyes of the opposite sex, but he's not really interested in all that nonsense. Sandy, in turn, is a sexy little thing who had only one thing in mind - to have some fun with the man and be on her way - nothing more, nothing less.

She likes to think of herself as an independent modern-day woman who uses men for sex and doesn't need them for anything else. Settling down and starting a family? No, she's never heard of that. However, love works in mysterious ways, and soon these two find themselves thinking about each other and dreaming of something bigger, something more meaningful than just casual sex.

The only girl Grayson has ever truly loved and cared about is his baby daughter, but now it's really hard to forget Sandy and her sexy curves. Never before has he ever felt this way about a woman, and this new rush of emotions is both exciting and riveting. So, what's in stores for this hot couple? Happily ever after? Read the book and find out! RIGID is a standalone masterpiece of romance and erotica that features a rough-tough biker and a feisty hussy.

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