Ring-Of-Fire-By-Brad-TaylorBrad Taylor, a best-selling, award-winning writer, used to be a member of Delta Force, which means he knows a thing or two about writing authentic, insightful and gripping political/military thrillers. Ring of Fire is a fast-paced, action-packed and exciting novel about the best operatives in the country and their combat against the most fierce terror attack on US soil.

More than a decade ago, a crazy defense contractor used a shell company to suborn a rich fella from Saudi Arabia. All the contractor wanted was to win a contract and to stay afloat. Today he's one of the biggest players in the biz, but he turns into a desperate man when the Panama Papers become public knowledge. Offshore financing, bribes, illegal transactions - he's been a part of all of that, and if they connect him to the Saudi rich guy, he'll face time in prison.

So, in order to keep himself from harm's way, he sets a chain of events in motion, hoping to intercept the upcoming leak. However, he soon learns that there are other people who care about their secrets spilling out just as much as he is. At the same date, the extensive data leak made the Taskforce weak and vulnerable to potential attacks.

The unit's integrity is at risk, and Logan - the best agent there is - and Jennifer - his trusted partner - have a job to do: interdict the new leak and keep the damage to a minimum. The Saudi, in turn, has been funding Radical Islamists from all over the world, and he's got a plan to hit America once again at the anniversary of September 11, 2001. Imminent threats are what Logan is trained to confront, but time is running out, and there's not enough intel on Ring Of Fire...

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