If you're a fan of political thrillers and fast-paced action/adventure stories, L.T. Ryan's brand-new masterpiece will be an enjoyable read for you. This is a true page-turner, the kind of a book that will keep you up all night and glue you to your seat. Bear and Jack are the best operatives the US has, and they're doing the dirty job for the sake of democracy.

No other agents out there can or are willing to put their lives at risk on a regular basis to keep the fragile balance intact. The latest mission seems like child's play at first: they are to put down a corrupt American senator who's hiding somewhere in Costa Rica. The man is believed to be working with the local cartel and is making too much noise. All the partners have to do is kill him - fair and square.

A piece of cake, right? Well, not quite, because what started as a single hit mission turns into something much bigger and more and more people become a part of it. Thankfully, the two men have been working side by side long enough to understand each other on a "mind-reading level" and overcome any obstacle on their way. It's not gonna be easy to pull this one off, but Bear and Jack simply can't fail.

In a foreign, hostile territory, with no backup whatsoever and on a tight schedule, America's finest will have to prove once again that they are, indeed, the best operatives the United States have ever seen. Suspense, action, drama, and thrill come together in Ripple Effect to deliver one of the best experiences in the genre. Lee Child and Tom Clancy have given Ryan the highest praise, which means this book is an absolute must-have for the fans of blood-chilling thrillers.

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