A black president in America? Nonsense! That's what you'd hear a few decades ago from the regular men and women, but today it's a reality. Barack Obama became the 44th POTUS, and this book is dedicated to the man's rise to the pedestal and his eight years at the Oval Office. David Garrow, a bestselling and award-winning author, did a tremendous job of explaining Obama's legacy and talking about his ups and downs as a President.

Being the first black leader of the free world, he had a lot to prove, and only he knew what it took to be a winner and take this country to the next level. It's safe to say that the citizens of the United States don't really know what this man has accomplished, but, thanks to Mr. Garrow, we now have a great opportunity to learn what kind of a person Obama truly is.

Back when he was a kid, Barack was pretty much the only black kid in a school dominated by white kids. He had a white grandpa and a white grandma - those folks raised him and turned him into the man that he is today. Next, he became a community organizer in Chicago, dedicating his time and energy to the roughest hoods in the city.

Then, he went to Harvard, got back to Chicago, worked on his skills as a hard-boiled politician, became a senator, and - finally - was elected as the 44th President. Rising Star focuses on Obama's legendary 2004 DNC speech, his 4 years as a well-respected senator, and, of course, his epic run for the White House 4 years later. This book is a rich, clear, vivid portrait of the first African-American president in the US and draws a comprehensive picture of who he really is. Grab a copy if you're a fan of uplifting biographies.

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