Michael Crichton, the best-selling author of numerous worldwide hits, is back with a brand-new game-changer, a gripping thriller about the brutal rivalry between the US and the Japanese and their interests in the biz. The Nakamoto tower right in the heart of LA is the gigantic new American "hive", the headquarters of the huge Japanese mogul, and the fancy opening celebration is going down on the 45th floor.

The luxurious interior, the expensive drinks and "decorated" guests show the Asian giant's might in the US. At the same time, on the 46th floor, in a dark, empty room, the dead body of a gorgeous girl is lying on the floor. The official investigation starts immediately, but nobody out there believes that the cops will be able to crack the case.

It involves all kinds of top-notch companies, dirty money, untouchable businessmen, et cetera, et cetera. Lies, big-time secrets, betrayals, high stakes and even higher risks are involved with the innocent woman's murder, and there's an all-out war raging between the Americans and the Japanese over a break-through tech that will change the course of the future.

The foreign guests aren't afraid to fight the Yanks on their own soil, as business has always meant war for them. But, the US head honchos aren't the ones to back down from a skirmish, and that's how an epic corporal grapple begins. Rising Sun is a mesmerizing psychological/suspense thriller that comes with numerous plot twists and turns. Michael Crichton's gift for turning a regular story into a great one is exactly why you should buy this book right now!

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