Connie, just a regular modern-day girl, thought that fate delivered her the most amazing man through a dating web-site. His name was Welles; he looked like a million bucks and had a cloud of mystery surrounding him (he used to work with the CIA). That's all it took for her to fall in love with him harder than ever before. Connie even wrote him a check for 300 thousand (!) dollars, as he promised her a handsome return.

However, weeks pass, but the man and her money are nowhere to be found. The woman is terrified, so, she goes to her therapist for help - she gives her the card of a hard-boiled, rough, tough and experienced Boston PI. Welles used to be a frequent and well-respected guest on big-time news shows, sharing his strong views on politics and current affairs on an international scale.

And when he disappears into thin air without leaving a single trace behind, his investors get really angry with him. The con artist managed to trick not only folks with thick wallets but also cops and even military contractors. Spencer, the PI Connie was recommended, is pretty much the only man in Boston who can track the fraudster down.

He discovers that every single detail about Welles is a lie: his own name, the impressive resume, and mighty client list are nothing but a good lie. Yet, it's not going to be easy to uncover the real truth behind his scams: Connie doesn't want Welles dead - she wants her hard-earned cash back. Spenser turns to his most trusted partners and together they start a nation-wide hunt. Robert B. Parker's Little White Lies is an awesome mystery thriller with a rich, bright, multi-layered line-up of characters, an unpredictable plot and Ace Atkins's trademark writing.

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