Luke, a handsome man with enough alpha-male charisma to make any woman go crazy, is good at two things: cooking and f*cking - that's it. So, any girl who can't handle the heat has nothing to do in his kitchen and/or his bed. Luke has been fooling around with the ladies ever since he was a young man, and he's something of an expert in sex right now. However, when it comes to loving a girl, he's kinda lagging behind.

The man has an adorable baby girl and he's ready to do whatever it takes to see a smile on her face. His family and his business are the only things that he cares about. The rest is of no importance to him. But that all changes when Amber, a gorgeous young woman, becomes his brand-new chef. She's pretty much the hottest little thing on heels Luke's ever seen, and he's seen a lot of sexy women, that's for sure.

Passion and ardor are a part of her personality, and that bossy attitude turns Luke on in a matter of seconds. This girl has more balls than all the fellas in the vicinity, which means it's not gonna be easy for her new boss to charm his way into her panties. The man wants to bend her over the kitchen table and make her scream his name, but, again, it's gonna take more than his ripped body and manly manners to make her fall for him.

Well, Luke's always been a fan of challenges, and Amber is his brand-new "Everest" to climb. She's got skills in the kitchen, love for what she's doing and a jaw-droppingly beautiful body. Yes, she's an ideal woman, worthy of her employer's efforts. Rock Hard Boss is an awesome standalone romance with just the right mix of love, passion, sex, and fun. Rye Hart wrote another bestseller - a book that you won't be able to resist!

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