Hunter, a recently single man with a gorgeous body and a stunning smile, is looking for a new mommy for his precious daughter. The baby girl is the most important thing in the world for him, and, even though his now-ex-wife got full custody, he still has a chance to even the odds. All he has to do if find a new wife and convince the judge that he's serious about this whole parenting stuff.

Hunter has a bike shop that pays the bills and allows him to do what he really loves. But right now his top priority is tying the knot with a female. Fortunately, the brand-new owner of a bakery next door is pretty much the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, and it's obvious that she finds him attractive as well. Hunter has an eye for that, and he wouldn't mind fooling around with her. For the sake of his kiddo, of course!

True, the man is not new to gorgeous women and knows exactly how to handle them, but every time she bends over to get something from her fine collection of pies, the biker goes crazy. Those fascinating blue eyes are calling to him and making him hard as a rock. Soon, he learns that she's struggling with her finances, which is like the perfect opportunity for them to help each other out and find happily ever after together.

Friends with benefits would work as well, as long as she agrees to be his fake wife and help him get his daughter back. Once upon a time, she promised herself not to mess around with playboys, and he told himself to never get married. Looks like they both are about to break their promises...Rock Hard Fake Groom is a brand-new full-length romantic novel about a handsome single dad, a drop-dead gorgeous woman and an all-consuming and smutty love affair between the two.

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