Rock-Me-By-Vivian-WoodSerena is a strong, confident, beautiful young woman that still lives with her moms and pops and is soon to marry Bryan - the perfect husband. At least, that's what her mother thinks. Yes, the girl's whole line is planned ahead of her, but, when she meets Rhys, the frontman of the greatest band on planet Earth, everything changes.

She could never expect to meet him when she went to a casual party that night. But, he was there, and he stole her heart. Rhys is a tanned, big, bulky and unbelievably hot fella that owns the ladies with his charisma and voice. When he sings, all the women in the room go crazy. That’s just the way he is - a true rock star -and, for some reason, he finds Serena very attractive.

As it soon turns out, he needs a fake girlfriend by his side, just a sweet, innocent being on his arm to smile for the countless cameras and to show the whole world that the bad-boy is finally ready to settle in. And Serena just happened to be standing right in the middle of the club when he was looking for the right "candidate". There was no way she could say no to a guy like that, and that's how their all-consuming love affair began.

The more time they spent with each other, the more they fell in love with each other. And suddenly Serena doesn't want to be just his fake woman: she wants to be the only girl that he kisses. Rhys's crazy lifestyle includes constant parties, weird managers, narcotic overdoes, and, of course, the press. His destructive routine will either destroy her or turn her into a queen. Rock Me is a brilliant standalone romantic novel with a mighty erotic "ingredient", fascinating characters and a happy ending.

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