Rogue-Lawyer-The-Novel-By-John-GrishamJohn Grisham has always been one of the best authors in the legal thriller genre, and with Rogue Lawyer, he once again managed to write a super-intriguing, colorful, brutal and bold novel that you won't be able to put down until you turn the very last page. It's a true page-turner, but, at the same time, Grisham's book is a detailed, highly accurate and honest observation of the world that we live in.

Sebastian Rudd, the main character of the book, is not just a regular lawyer from the hood. He doesn't have a "normal" office and prefers to take care of business in a bulletproof van that's packed with stylish chairs, a cool fridge and a 24/7 Internet connection. He's not working for a firm and he's never been assigned to do a job with a partner. His driver, who's also his guard, confidant and a bunch of other things, is an armed man who's taking him to the most dangerous and troublesome corners of the world. That's just what their life is all about.

Rudd, just like your classic bad-boy character, is always strapped and never puts down his bottle of bourbon. But, unlike the regular lawyers, he's not interested in helping out the typical clients and prefers to defend the ones who need his help the most - the wrongly accused, the oppressed and the ones that "deserve" a fair trial. For example, he's helping a man who shot at a police SWAT team that barged into his house and a crime lord who's been sentenced to die.

Sebastian Rudd is willing to do everything in his power in order to give these people a chance to be pardoned. He's even ready to bend the law every once in a while to make that happen. John Grisham's novel is not about a stand-up guy, but it's still a highly intense drama that's both entertaining and engaging.

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