Sawyer Bennett, a best-selling, critically-acclaimed and gifted writer, is back with Roman, a brand-new ice-melting and panty-dropping novel about one of hockey's hottest bachelors and the first woman to change his life. Roman, the mightiest defenseman in the league, is surrounded by all kinds of troublemakers, but his scandals easily outdo those of the rest of the fellas.

On the ice, he's relentless, strong-willed and never backs down. Off of it - he's constantly ending up in all kinds of tabloid headlines for his questionable relationships with women. However, even though he's pretty much the king of defense, the management is urging him to drop his childish ways and to get a grip on himself, as all that negative press is starting to really hurt the team's image.

Lexi arrived in North Carolina to - at last - meet her dad and her half-sis. They both work in the front office of Cold Fury, the very team where Roman is blazing. And soon, she meets the man. Word is, he's a rough, tough, scary bloke, but he's actually a pretty gentle guy and has a soft heart. Obviously, Lexi is not ready to be in a relationship with a man of his magnitude, and when Roman and her newly-found family clang with each other, she decides to run away from all these problems.

But, Roman is not ready to do the same, and he'll do everything in his power to convince her that he's ready to commit. Roman is a sweet, smutty, sexy and swoony erotic novel with a happy ending. It comes with multi-layered characters, a sturdy plot and a fascinating love story that will touch the hearts of all the ladies around the globe. This is one of those feel-good, fantastic reads to enjoy whenever and wherever!

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