Romantic-Outlaws-By-Charlotte-GordonThe Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft & Mary Shelley is a truly exceptional book, and it was named one of the greatest novels of the year by several big-time critics. It's an exciting and riveting story about an English feminist and her daughter that she never really knew. Both Marries are pretty popular with the writers and numerous authors have been fascinated by them, however, nobody ever talked about their lives in one single book. Well, until now!

So, in this book, Charlotte Gordon brings two phenomenal women together. The first Mary wrote a groundbreaking book about feminism, while the second one wrote Frankenstein. Both ladies were extraordinary in their own rights, and it's a shame that they never knew each other. Mary Wollstonecraft passed away 2 weeks after giving birth to her child, but her enormous legacy, her fight for women's rights and against social discrimination made her a national hero.

Her daughter, Mary was just like her mother and did a lot of great work on her own. Both Marries dedicated their lives to fighting against injustice and to giving women the rights they deserve. The books they wrote made history, changed the way people saw the world and defined our lives today. As for their private lives, there's so much passion and love that someone as talented as Charlotte Gordon could easily turn it all into a gripping, fascinating story, following their footsteps from England to France, making you feel like you're reading historical fiction.

However, there's no fiction at all in Romantic Outlaws - it's a biographical book. At the same time, the brave, bold, passionate and genius women are an inspiration to us all, and that is why the book reads like a top-notch "blockbuster".

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