RoseBlood-By-A.-G.-HowardA. G. Howard is back, dear fans, and she's got a brand-new bestseller to lighten up your mood! Rune, the main character of RoseBlood, attends an art school that's located on the outskirts of the city of love - Paris. Soon, she finds out that this grandiose opera house is home to real-world phantoms. Yep, that's right, and the girl will have to use her voice - a gift and a curse - to prevail.

This is an adrenaline-rushing, fast-paced novel that will be greatly appreciated by the fan of the classic fairytale. The idlers are calling Rune's voice a God-sent gift, the voice of an angel, but it comes at a big price: when she stops singing, she feels sick and can't shake the feeling that life is being "sucked out" of her. Her mom is confident that she needs the help of pros and sends her off to a school in France.

Erelong, the poor soul discovers that something supernatural, something otherworldly is a huge part of the school. For example, there's a strange boy in the area - he's walking around the graveyard. He doesn't attend any classes and evaporates as suddenly as he appears. Then, she becomes friends with a man who dresses like somebody from the 19th century, and Rune realizes that when he's around, she feels better than ever.

His name is Thorn, and he's falling in love with her. But the phantom terrorizing the school wants her for quite a hazardous purpose. Their mutual affection grows bigger with each passing day, forcing Thorn to make a choice between saving Rune and destroying her. The phantom, his mentor, is very scary when he's angry...So, what’s it gonna be? Will the two be together against all odds, or is Rune’s life going to be ruined?

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