Although Mark Twain’s semi-autobiographical novel, Roughing It may not be one of his most popular works to date, it's importance and as well as it's significance is nevertheless crucial. His sophomore work—accompanied with a somewhat humorous and, at times, comical tone—comprises of numerous factual as well as non-factual anecdotes told in a manner similar to the likes of a rather informal travel journal.

The heart of the story is found in Twain’s telling of his travels from St. Louis to San Francisco, as well as the Kingdom of Hawaii (then known as the Sandwich Islands). In addition, he goes on to eloquently describe the happenings of the explosion of the mining business as well as its aftermath—most particularly in the Western States of the Union.

Twain’s storytelling told through rich and descriptive vocabulary allows him to expressively paint a vivid picture of that time period—thus allowing this story to be intriguing to contemporary audiences despite being more than 140 years past its publication date.

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