Arthur Conan Doyle really loved to write short tales and stories for his fans and always managed to bring something fresh and unique into these tiny adventures. Round the Fire Stories is a mighty collection of 17 tales written by the man himself. The book was released in 1908 and became a bestseller shortly afterward.

The idea behind this collection is that folks can gather around the fire and read one of these tales to lighten up the mood and to fit the atmosphere, so to speak. Whenever it's cold and dark outside, try to "assemble" a bunch of folk in your house at the fireplace and read out loud these fascinating fire stories - satisfaction is guaranteed! Doyle wanted to recreate that special feeling of belonging, that feeling of gathering around and listening to a man (or a woman) tell all kinds of crazy stories, and he did a marvelous job.

Overall, Round the Fire Stories is a great collection that is worth every last penny you pay for it. Some of the tales are creepy and scary, while others are haunting and will linger on long after you finish them. The beautiful thing about a collection is that you get to learn about different characters, enjoy different narratives and educate yourself on the various "social ladders" in the 20th-century England.

Now, if you've been a fan of Sherlock (who isn't these days, right?) for a while but never really cared about Doyle's other works, this is your best chance to familiarize yourself with his awesome short stories. There's a whole world beyond the famous detective's reach: this a bunch of well-written, intelligent, scary, creepy and simply astonishing tales that you simply have to read!

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