Arguably the greatest thing about Rules of Civility, a best-selling book, is that it's even more satisfying on the second reading. This is a rare thing in modern-day literature; so, make sure not to miss out on Amor Towles's brand-new masterpiece. It's 1937, and the story follows a beautiful young lady whose life is about to be forever changed in ways she could never even imagine.

She's a 25-year-old girl, and her name is Katey. She's spending time in a 2nd-grade jazz bar when a good-looking, well-mannered and wealthy banker, Mr. Grey, comes in and sits down at the table right next to her. This fateful meeting and its unbelievable consequences take Miss Kontent on a wonderful year-long trip into the big-bad elite of New York's society.

The rich, spoiled folks over there aren't exactly welcoming, which means she's forced to use her smarts, wits, and natural charm to "fight" her way through the intricacies of the high-stakes life and to keep her cool. Rules of Civility is an enchanting read for all those readers that appreciate a carefully depicted and brilliantly described image of the greatest city on Earth and its social layers. This book conquered the hearts and minds of the international critics and fans with a wonderful atmosphere, a splendid cast of vivid, rich characters and a strong plot.

What could possibly be more satisfying that 1930s NY and a strong-willed young woman who fights inequality and makes her way to the top relying on her own self? Currently, Amor Towles has two worldwide bestsellers in the roster and is constantly being called one of the most promising authors of our time. So, if you wanna catch you before it's "too late", cop Rules of Civility right now!

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