Run-Fast-Eat-Slow-By-Shalane-FlanaganShalane Flanagan, a top-class runner, and a four-time Olympian is ready to amaze with a wonderful cookbook for all the fans of healthy food. This brand-new bestseller proves once and for all that food can and must be both nourishing and delicious. If you're a fan of jogging/running, this cookbook will be of great help to you, as it explains in plain and simple English that you shouldn't "put a ban" on fat, because it's essential for your body and performance.

Furthermore, Shalane lucidly shows that counting calories in every meal, restricting yourself from eating certain foods and relying fully on protein will do more harm for you. Run Fast. Eat Slow comes with over 100 recipes for every time of the day. Plus, it's packed with amazing tips and tricks on how to get just the right kind of nutrition and uplifting stories from a woman who can't imagine her life without fitness and/or healthy, tasty food.

It's safe to say that this book covers every single detail on the subject, and the friendly writing style will set the right mood for you to dive in and start changing your life for the better. Run Fast. Eat Slow is a fount of tasty meals, nutritious snacks, amazing drinks and everything else in between.

By the way, keep in mind that you won't find flour or refined sugar in any of the recipes. We are what we eat, and runners need extra fuel for "charging" their bodies. So, if you've been desperately looking for a cookbook that would teach you how to change your eating habits and switch to a healthy-plus-tasty diet, Shalane Flanagan's new book is exactly what you need. It's a celebration of healthy living, eating and running!

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