Barrett used to live that fantasy live most can only dream of: at 25, he had everything, including a great position at his dad's mogul-of-a-company, an MBA from one of the greatest universities on planet Earth - Harvard - a gorgeous penthouse and tons of sexy women in his bed. And when the mass media got their hands on a bunch of his sexting pictures, he didn't give much thought to it, because everybody already knew that he was a playboy.

However, his "chill" life came to an end when his father decided it was time for him to run for president. The old man told Barrett that his destructive lifestyle would hurt his mighty campaign, as it was built entirely on family values. So, how do you fix someone's so-so image in the press in a short period of time? You pick him a fake fiancé, of course! The thing is - Barrett didn't even get a chance to pick her. Dear old dad did that for him.

The girlie is uptight, controlling, and super-duper sexy. Hey, maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all? Her name's Addison, and she's going through a rough patch: her latest relationship with a douchebag-of-a-boyfriend just ended badly, and she's covered in a pile of student loans that she doesn't really know how to pay back. And that's when Mr. Callahan came in. He offered her a huge amount of money for some believable acting.

The gig was to stick around for seven months and pretend to be madly in love with Barrett, his scandalous offspring. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Besides, the man gave her a promise to end the engagement amicably after the election. Back in high school, Addison really loved acting, so, being a fake adoring wife is not a problem for her. Or is it? Running Mate is a tense, rich, saturated and unbelievably sexy romantic novel with a great sense of humor, a gripping plot and a cast of characters to die for.

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