rushing-waters-by-danielle-steelDanielle Steel is one of the greatest writers of our time - she wrote more award-winning and bestselling novels than you could possibly imagine, and she still manages to set an even higher bar with every new book. Rushing Waters is a story about people who have to deal with a disaster and join their forces in order to survive. They all have their weaknesses, regrets, hopes, and dreams. A terrifying hurricane is about to hit New York and devastate the greatest city on planet Earth. The flood will destroy the lives of millions of American citizens.

At the same time, Ellen decides to visit NY despite the warnings on TV. She has a very important thing to take care of, and it can't wait; plus, she wants to see her mom and spend some time with her. And the devastation begins just when she lands in the city. Charles, an investment banker, is also flying to New York to do some business, but he hopes to meet with his kids and his ex-wife that he hasn't seen in a very long time.

He can't find them anywhere, and he visits every single shelter looking for them. That's when he meets Ellen and her mom. Juliette, another character of the book, is trapped in a hospital and is doing everything in her power to save people when the generators are all down. Finally, Pete and Ben, two NY-born fellas, find the hurricane quite intriguing and think that they'll have a marvelous adventure when it hits.

So, they just sit in their room, drink beer and eat junk food. However, pretty soon their building is starting to collapse, and they'll have to swim for their lives. Rushing Waters is a one-of-a-kind story that will grab your attention from the very first page and keep you up at night until you finish it. Another masterpiece from Danielle Steel!

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