This is Louise Stone's game-changing debut mystery/psychological thriller that you simply have to read if you're a fan of the genre. It's full of tension, suspense, twists, turns, and comes with a gripping plot. Sophie, the main character of the book, is blaming herself for her daughter's disappearance: the baby is gone, and all it took for her to evaporate into thin air was one second.

Sophie looked away for a moment, and Amy was gone. She used to be a heavy drinker, and, even though that's behind her, the cops and the neighbors still don't trust her and claim that once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. The Po-Po doesn't want to believe her story, and Paul, her ex, is blaming her for the little girl's disappearance, instead of supporting her and doing everything in his power to find her.

All Sophie wants to do is find her little girl and make sure that she's OK, and she really needs the detectives and her own husband to trust her. Soon, new info hits the cops' table, and it changes everything. Could it be that Sophie is telling the truth? What if Amy was actually kidnapped, and the person who took her wasn't at all a stranger?

If you love Behind Closed Doors and other blood-chilling psychological thrillers, you'll appreciate S is for Stranger. This is one of those amazing books that get everything right and make you stay up all night trying to "catch" the bad guys. It's a page-turner, a nail-biter and most definitely one of the finest releases in the genre. Stone will glue you to your seat and keep you guessing who's telling the truth and who's not. It's twisty, addictive and even a bit scary, so, watch out for those shadows at night!

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