There's a universal "fella rule" that says you can't sleep with your employees. It took Xander one unforgettable night to know for sure that he has finally found the woman of his dreams, the one he wants to spend his life with and possibly even have kids with. But, on the next day, she enters his office and acts like nothing happened.

Obviously, it's gonna complicate things - a lot - but that passionate, romantic, rough and insane night makes Xander forget about his brick-strong rule. He's actually more determined to make this gorgeous woman his than ever before. Calista has never really been the type of a girl to fall for a man and to go crazy for him. No, you could say that she's living for the job, but Xander is an entirely different story. He makes her want to change, to be better and to strive for a different life.

Working for a top-class security team pays the bills and makes her happy. And, with a fine man by her side, she's ready to commit and to enjoy all the wonders of life. However, when she learned that the irresistible fella is her brand-new boss, it confused and frustrated her, as she knows all too well that mixing business with pleasure is never a smart thing to do. So, what's she supposed to do?

Leave the company and Mr. Gray, the near-perfect guy, or stick around and see where this relationship will take her? Xander doesn't want to let her go, and that complicates things even more. And soon, when she discovers that she might be carrying a child - his child - it puts everything on the line. Safe With Me, Baby features a gorgeous, smart and badass heroine, a rough-tough, handsome alpha-man with a good heart and a lot of that steamy slash smutty action.

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