safe-with-me-by-k-l-slaterPsychological mystery thrillers have always been topping the international sales charts, simply because no other genre can grab the reader's attention and keep him/her up all night, even if it's a touching drama or a riveting adventure. Safe With Me is a brilliant story that will keep you on your feet and you'll be guessing and second-guessing everything that happens along the way. Anna doesn't really get along well with people, and she lives a lonely life.

She enjoys her routine and her one and only friend is the woman next door. Anna never lets people get too close to her because she knows first-hand how much pain they bring. Then, one day Anna becomes a witness to a horrible accident on the road. Furthermore, she recognizes the woman behind the wheel: it's Carla, someone who ruined Anna's life a long time ago.

So, finally, the girl gets her perfect chance to get even with her. But, revenge is a dish served cold, and she can't forget that. So, first things first, she gets to know the man who was also in the accident. Next, she studies the official police investigation and watches Carla from afar, never revealing herself. However, Anna's obsession with her revenge becomes stronger with each passing hour, and she loses control, which results in revealing her own secrets.

Is the woman she's been hating for all those years really dangerous, or maybe someone else is about to attack Anna, someone who's closer to her than she could ever think? Safe With Me is a gripping, engrossing psychological thriller that's considered to be one of the best books in the genre. So, if you're a fan, make sure to grab your copy and enjoy!

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