saint-by-a-zavarelliThe Boston Underworld series counts 4 novels, and each and every single one of them is gripping, riveting and hot as hell. Rory is a natural-born hustler. He's a fighter, a mobster, a go-getter, and a bunch of other things. Yes, he's been through a lot and knows how to handle any situation. However, never before has he encountered a girl so dashing as her.

Scarlett is a gorgeous woman with just the right curves and lips to make any man go crazy, and she's got that unique "flavor" that Rory happens to like. Oh, and she's got the heart of a lion, which means the bad-boy won't be able to "strike her down" with his killer smile or perfect body. No, she a gangster herself, and can take anybody down without even breaking a sweat - both on the field and in the bed.

She is like the poison apple, the restricted pleasure that he just can't stay away from. A whole bunch of men are at her knees, yet, she never really gets attached to anyone. That's just how she is, and that is what makes Rory crazy for her. He's actually in love with all the wild ones. He doesn't care about the honest, fragile girls. The playboy goes after the baddest b*tches and turns them into his girlfriends.

Taming a wild beast is one of the biggest pleasures in his life, and Scarlett is about to be enchanted. They call him "The Saint", but he has no clue that the girl has her own agenda and she's about to mess up the mafia real good...SAINT is one of those erotic novels that turn you on and keep you on your feet from the beginning to the very end. The chemistry between the characters is off-the-charts, the plot is gripping, and the sex scenes are simply impeccable.

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