sapiens-by-yuval-noah-harariYuval Noah Harari, an internationally loved and respected historian, is back with a record-breaking book that became an instant #1 bestseller all around the globe. This is the story of mankind's rise and evolution, a deep, profound exploration of the roles that biology and history played in shaping and defining us. Essentially, Sapiens is about us, about what it really means to be us in the 21st century and to live the life of a highly intellectual, powerful being.

Not a lot of people know that 100000 years ago we had 6 or more different species walking on planet Earth. However, today, in the 21st century, Homo sapiens is the only one left, the only one that survived. So, the biggest question is - what about the rest of them? Did they vanish because they didn't have what it takes to survive? And what will happen to us, the modern-day species?

The majority of books about our history don't really like to mix biology with history, but the author of this one does exactly that - he combines what we know from history with biological facts to try and understand where we come from and where we are headed. Yuval Noah Harari brings science and history together to question accepted narratives, link the achievements of our ancestors with the modern-day concerns and point out specific events while talking about larger-than-life ideas.

Furthermore, the author encourages us to look to the future with hope, as we are finally learning to shape not only everything around us but also us - the humans. So, where will we go from here, what do we want our children and grandchildren to be like and what's waiting for us at the next turn? These are the questions that the author asks, and you can join him in this wonderful exploration and learn so many wonderful things about us, the humans. All you have to do is grab a copy of Sapiens!

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