saving-sophie-by-sam-carringtonThe critics, the fans and the fellow writers call Saving Sophie a game-changing novel that sets a whole new bar for the genre. Sam Carrington did the almost impossible - managed to bring something new, refreshing and exciting to mystery thrillers. Sophie, a 17-year-old schoolgirl, comes home late at night, after a noisy night out. She's drunk, and two cops are accompanying her.

Obviously, she feels pretty bad for her behavior the next morning, but, she honestly can't remember what really happened last night and how or why she got drunk in the club. She was partying with Amy, her best friend, and now she's really worried, because it's been 12 hours, and the girl is nowhere to be found. Then, they find the body of a young woman.

Karen, Sophie's mom, is confident that her daughter knows more about all this than she'll willing to admit. However, she has her own struggles and fears to overcome. But, when she learns that Sophie could also be in danger, Karen drops everything and concentrates on fighting her demons and letting go of her fears. She has a job to do - protect her little girl from the maniac who already murdered one young lady and is now after the other one.

Will she be able to save Sophie and figure out the real truth about that night, or is it already too late? Saving Sophie is a top-notch psychological thriller that will be greatly appreciated by the fans of The Girl on the Train and similar novels. The narrative is fast-paced, action-packed and suspenseful, and the tension keeps building up to the very last page.

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