This is one of those feel-good, uplifting and motivating stories that you know will become a bestseller and inspire a lot of people to be better and to do more. Dr. Lucy, the main character of the novel, lives on a faraway ranch in Texas, and she's taking care of all the abandoned animals that have nowhere to go to.

The peaceful life away from the big cities allows her to focus on herself and try to forget all those people and places that bring back painful memories. It's 1959, and women don't have equal rights in the society, so, nobody even cares about the fact that she's doing a good thing. African American folks have even less right, and Calvin and his son, Justin, know that first-hand.

One day, Justin and Pete, a lonely 12-year-old boy, deliver a wounded animal - a wolf-dog - to the kind doctor and ask her to take care of it. And that's when fate comes in and brings them all together. Lucy would never think that she'd feel loved again, but now she knows that everything's possible and it's never too late to care for someone deeply and strongly. Pete finds great friends in the face of the black kid and the dog.

However, the barbaric laws of Texas can't allow these people to be happy together. They can't even talk to each other and be friends! The whole town starts to riot against these "unthinkable" people, forcing them to go their separate ways. Thus, Calvin and his boy go away, but the four never lose hope of meeting again sometime in the future, when the whole world turns into a much kinder place. Say Goodbye for Now is a poignant, moving, touching and engrossing novel about love, devotion, and faith.

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