say-you-want-me-by-corinne-michaelsCorinne Michaels, an award-winning and bestselling author, is back with a charming new romantic novel that's perfect for a good holiday read. Angie, the main character of the book, made herself a promise: she would never ever fall in love with Wyatt, a near-perfect guy who's got the abs, the irresistible smile and a whole line-up of pick-up lines that seem to work on pretty much every girl in town.

He's got that Southern charm, and he looks like a 100% alpha-male, but Angie is still confident she'll be able to stay away. Well, she did sleep with him twice, and all she can do now is say "No" to "round 3". Besides, he left her right in the middle of the night, so, the only thing she wants right now is to leave this God-forsaken small town and go back to Philly, where she belongs.

After she returns to the big city, she's sure she'll forget about this bad-boy. However, as the girl will learn soon, it's all easier said than done - much easier. So, now it's time to figure out whether he truly loves her and wants to be with her, or if it was just a fling for him and he's ready to move on to the next girl. When the odds are all against them, they get the ultimate challenge: to prove to each other that they're really worth fighting for.

Say You Want Me is yet another breath-taking and heart-warming romantic novel from Corinne Michaels. It's gripping, atmospheric and fun, which means satisfaction is guaranteed! The bottom line is - if you're looking for that very special book to keep you company during the cold winter days and make you believe in love again, grab a copy of Say You Want Me and enjoy!

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