scorched-earth-by-michael-savageMichael Savage is one of the most prominent writers of our time, and, when it comes to politics and government, nobody can compete with this man in terms of revelations and predictions. Years ago, he claimed that the Obama administration will devastate this country, and that's exactly what happened! So, Mr. Savage is back with one of his best books to date, and that means another bestseller is due. The fans of his radio talk-show know that he's a charismatic person who values the great American culture, language, legacy, and, of course, freedom of speech.

It's been 8 years since Obama first stepped into the Oval House, and Savage shows just how much damage has been done since then: we've got terrorists threatening the lives of our women and children, criminals in our own government, mass media that only tells us what the president wants us to hear, and not the real truth, and so much more!

The author's words of wisdom are both insightful and right on time, as the historical 2016 election is about to enter the finish stage. Savage makes a bulletproof case against Hillary Clinton and everybody who back her up in this campaign. He also shows why and how Trump is the one and only hope for our country to become great again. We need to regain control over the government, country, and last, but not least, ourselves.

However, Trump alone won't be able to accomplish anything, and we, the people, are this country's true saviors. That's right - the regular Joes and Janes. Scorched Earth may very well be Savage's most profound work to date. It's like a roadmap to regaining our nation and our freedom before it's too damn late.

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