Austin is a beast, a walking-taking machine with a ripped body full of muscles, a strong personality and a lot of that alpha-male attitude - a disaster for any woman who makes the mistake of falling in love with him. So, why on Earth can't Andrea stay the f*ck away from him when every single bone in her body is telling her to drop everything and run as fast as she can?

They used to be in love back in high-school, and, even though it does feel like a lifetime ago, she still has feelings for him. The two thought that the whole world belonged to them, but, somewhere along the way, they messed it all up and the girl left the townlet and decided to never look back, no matter what. Austin, in turn, also tried to move on and make a name for himself.

But when years later a tragedy brings the young woman back into the town, everything changes. Camaron and Michele, the lovely dynamic duo, created a mesmerizing romantic novel, one that comes with a great story, a fast-paced, exciting narrative, a good sense of humor and characters to cheer for. The authors themselves describe Scorned as a romantic suspense with enough thrill and action to keep you entertained from page one to the very end.

At the same time, this is a book about second chances and the happiness that they can bring. Andrea and Austin have been separated for a very long time, and the fire between them has been cooking up to an unbelievable temperature. Will they give in to the lust and learn to control the heat, or is their reunion bound for disaster? Scorned comes with foul language, several smoking-hot sex scenes, and a lot of violence. Yep, it's 18+ only!

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