scrappy-little-nobody-by-anna-kendrickIf you're a fan of modern-day cool, funny and inspirational movies, then you must know who Anna Kendrick is. She's a wonderful actress, a great person and a role model for many, many young girls across the globe. And now, she's back with a wonderful autobiographical book, a collection of engaging stories and essays.

This girl has been doing pretty great with her acting career, but, as it turns out, she's also a gifted writer, and you'll have an awesome time with Scrappy Little Nobody. This is a warm, moving, and, obviously, a super-hilarious book that's a must-have for the fans. At the same time, if you're hearing her name for the first time, you'll still appreciate her honesty, integrity, amazing writing and the "wisdom notes" that give us all her unique, one-of-a-kind perspective on everything that's going on in the world right now.

Probably the best word to describe Anna is "defiant". Yes, she's always been a rebel, ever since she was a little girl, and, before she became one of the hottest actresses of our time, she used to be an independent little brat. Back then, she gave herself a promise to never let people see her crazy side. But the thing with it is - the craziness wants to come out and to play around.

So, this book is like an invitation into her exciting mind filled with all kinds of stories and notes from her personal experiences throughout life. Anna is smart, witty and intelligent, and Scrappy Little Nobody is her gift to all the "crazy weirdoes" like herself. If you ever felt like you don't belong on this planet and wanted to find a "soul mate" to talk to and to learn from, Anna Kendrick's latest memoir might just be what you've been looking for!

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