scythe-by-neal-shustermanNeal Shusterman, a world-esteemed author of groundbreaking bestsellers, is officially back with a blood-chilling new series that depicts a brand-new world where 2 kids must learn the art behind ending someone's life. Welcome to a reality with no war, no pain, no disease, and no starvation. Mankind managed to put an end to all those horrible things, and the humans even found a way to conquer death itself.

Scythes are the scary "guardians", the only ones who are authorized to kill. These butchers are taking their commands from the government elite and murder people on a regular basis to keep humanity from growing too big. They're keeping the population under control by simply taking out all the "excessive" members of the society.

Rowan and Citra, the main characters of the story, have been hand-picked to become the "students' of a scythe. Obviously, none of them wants to kill people for living, but you can't defy this new world order and all you can do is obey and do what you're told. So, these kids will work hard on mastering the science behind killing, knowing all too well that if they fail to be useful to the cause, they might just say goodbye to their own lives.

Scythe is a dark, scary, troubling thriller that will grab your attention from the very first pages and never let go. Neal Shusterman knows exactly how to "glue" you to your chair and keep you up all night. The book comes with twists, turns, a diverse universe and a strong plot. An ideal world is only possible if you are ready to pay a horrible price. Will the teens be able to put a stop to this craziness, or are they too weak to stand against the rules?

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