Logan is a walking-talking war machine with a scary attitude, a big, ripped body and years of experience as one of the best SEALS in the country. He's retired now and wants to get back to the civilian lifestyle he once shared with Piper, his high-school sweetheart and the only girl he's ever truly loved. A couple of years ago, he left her in their tiny hometown and reported for duty, leaving the young woman stranded.

Logan doesn’t really know what she's been up to, but when he accidentally sees her, all those feelings come rushing back like they parted ways just yesterday. All he dreams of is reuniting with her and maybe even starting a family, but she's not really a big fan of his plans. She's pissed at him for dumping her and wants nothing to do with the soldier boy.

As he soon finds out, Piper had it rough after he left to serve his country, but she's just too proud to admit that. Hiding secrets and handling everything on her own is what she's all about. However, she doesn't know that Logan had years of training and knows exactly how to get the details out of a woman. His big, strong hands, masculine body, and that alpha-male charisma - no girl can fight that killer mix.

At the same time, even though Logan thinks that nothing can shock and/or confuse him anymore, when the girl drops a bomb on his head by saying that she gave birth to their child while he was fighting God knows who, that changes the man. He vows to always be there for his kiddo and to stick by her side. Will that be enough for Piper to forgive him? Read the book and find out! SEAL'd With A Kiss is a classic secret baby/second chance romance that comes with a great story and a lovely couple to cheer for.

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