It's been about a year since Carter has seen her - Layla - the one and only girl in the world that had an impact on the guy and made him want to be a better person, a better man. He used to be a hockey player, and now he's paying the bills by writing about sports, but there's no flame in his heart and soul. The young woman gave him hope again and brought that light back into his existence.

Yet, life has a pretty sick sense of humor, and Carter wasn't the only fella in the world that wanted Layla to be his woman. Travis, his own brother, also found her extremely beautiful, sexy and unique, and once he set his eyes on her, there was no turning back. One day, when Carter saw them together, he knew it was over for him. The bruv didn't give him a fair fight - just came in and claimed his prize.

They compete is everything, but when it comes to girls, Carter usually hides in the shadows. However, it's not really that easy to forget Layla, because she stole his heart and never gave it back. It took the guy one kiss to fall in love with her. The taste of her lips still haunts him during the day and the night - there's no escaping it. So, now the girl of his dreams is pregnant, and she's carrying Travis's child.

But, he doesn't want anything to do with it and is not at all thrilled to start a family. So, he asks his brother to "handle" the situation. He has no idea that Carter has been in love with his woman for eternity, and that right now is his chance to finally set the record straight and to try and "snatch" Layla away. Second Draft is a deep, intimate, engaging story with a wonderful happy ending, great characters and a lot of sexiness and naughtiness.

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