secret-by-aubrey-ironsMaddy has a bad-boy-of-a-stepbrother: his name is Hunter and he's a soldier, a total womanizer, and an asshole. He walks around like he's the king of the castle and every single woman ows him her life. He's a moron, but he's also one of the best Secret Service agents out there, and he looks, talks and acts like a true alpha male. Just recently, Maddy's mother became the President of America, and she's getting ready to marry Hunter's dad.

So, this prick-of-a-guy will not only become Maddy's new bodyguard, but also a part of her family - her "official" stepbrother! Well, that's not even the worst thing about this whole story: a while ago, she made the mistake of spending a night with the guy, back when she had no idea who he was or that his father was the Secretary of State.

And now she's got a dirty secret that has the potential of bringing the most influential country on planet Earth down. Hunter is Maddy's security detail, her lover, and her stepbrother. How's that for a scandal? Yes, this is a real-world catastrophe, a state of emergency, unlike everything the United States had to deal with before. So, how will Maddy handle this situation without damaging her mother's reputation?

What is she supposed to do with an arrogant playboy who's pretty much the most attractive man she's ever seen? Secret is a heart-pumping, adrenaline-rushing erotic novel that will turn the female readers on from the very first pages. Aubrey Irons delivered yet another masterpiece that comes with a gripping plot, a great sense of humor and a naughty secret that’s begging to come out.

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