secret-santa-by-kati-wildeEmma, the main character of Secret Santa, the latest bestseller by the lovely Kati Wilde, has been struggling for the last couple of years, trying to find just the right job. And now she finally got it! She really loves going to work, likes her boss and is super-excited about the fact that she's about to get paid by the end of the year.

Christmas is right around the corner, but she might not "survive" until New Year, because Logan, the big man in the company, seems to be frustrated by her. No, it's not that Emma is not used to being rejected, neglected or not wanted, but she still can't figure out why the dude doesn't like her that much and how to fix it. She really does need this job, and she's going to do whatever she can to prove to him that she deserves the spot at the company.

So, Emma lets him scream at her and does everything he tells her to do and keeps her head down. Logan is a big, tall, handsome fella that Emma can't get out of her head, but, at the same time, she' intimidated by him, which makes her even more confused than she already is. Soon, her life is going to change 180 degrees, but she doesn't know about it...yet. Emma is used to planning her life to the very last detail; however, she won't be prepared for this Christmas surprise.

Secret Santa is a steaming-hot, dirty and naughty holiday story that features a brilliant main character, a 100% alpha-male that loves submissive girls and turns them on with a single touch, and a great story. If you love sexy romantic novels, Kati Wilde's brand-new book should be under the Christmas tree waiting for you. Dive into a wonderful world of passion, romance, love and satin blindfolds!

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