secrets-i-keep-by-kelley-harveyLily, the main character of Secrets I Keep, moved to Texas to forget about the old life and start a new one. Well, that's what she says when folks ask her about it. But, nobody knows the real reason, simply because she doesn't like sharing her personal life with anybody. Well, until she meets him - Jax. He's a real-world alpha male, with a smile to die for, a big, beating heart and killer abs.

At first, Lily thinks that he's just another playboy, but she soon realizes that he's a man to fight for. He helps her out with stuff at home, takes care of Sophie, her little sis, and practically makes her fall in love with him, even though she does everything she can to resist his affection and to be just friends with the guy. However, she still thinks that Jax has his own agenda and is hiding a big, dark secret.

Lily's motto is "Everybody expects something in return for what they do", and she doesn't want to owe anyone, especially this perfect stranger who rushed into her life and wants to stay in it - permanently. If Jax is not really the man he says he is, that would not only break her heart, but also threaten her new life in Texas with Sophie, and Lily can't allow that to happen.

She learned a long time ago that you can't really trust anyone, and Jax is not an exception to the rule. Besides, even if he's an angel from the heavens, he'll never truly understand and accept her skeletons in the closet. Or will he? Secrets I Keep is a wonderful romance novel with a healthy dose of thriller in it to keep you turning the pages. Kelley Harvey did a wonderful job of creating an intriguing, compelling story with twists, turns, and revelations.

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