seduced-by-randy-wayne-whiteWe all love the best-selling Doc Ford books by none other than Randy Wayne White, and now she's back to delight the fans with Seduced, a brand-new mystery thriller in the world-acclaimed Smith series. Hannah, the main character of the novels, is a smart, strong, confident girl from the state of Florida. Technically, she's a fishing guide, but she's also a great investigator, and that is her true passion.

However, what she's about to face in this book is so much more complicated and ancient that all her wit and smarts might not be enough to handle the situation. About 5 centuries ago, the Spanish soldiers planted the very first bad seeds on the American soil, but it took them 500 years to really damage the industry. The trees and bushes are dying because genetic interference and infestation are too strong for the roots to survive.

So, the one and only way out of this devastating problem is to find the centuries-old roots (or, rather, samples of them) and to save Florida from starvation and a natural disaster. And that's when Hannah comes forward. She knows the swamps of the state and its muddy, murky waters better than anyone. But, as soon as she starts her new journey slash quest, the danger comes running her way.

There are some dangerous people out there who are not afraid to take human lives just to get their hands on one of those original seeds. A friend warns Hannah that her life might be in danger, and, as she goes deeper and deeper into the swamps, the more it looks like the man was right. Seduced is an exemplary mystery thriller with a gripping, immersive story, tension, suspense and a mighty quest to save Florida.

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