SeinfeldiaThis is a highly entertaining and super-funny tale about 2 regular fellas who just went out to get a cup of coffee and came with the idea of Seinfeld, which is basically a cultural sensation that re-shaped television and blended with the real world, changing the lives of every single person it touched. It's safe to say that Larry David and Jerry...Seinfeld could never imagine that their stupid sitcom about a New-York-based comedian who just sits and talks to his buddies would turn into a worldwide phenomenon. NBC officials had no high hopes for it either, but they still went on and bought it, scheduling it for the dead zone of summer. Surprisingly enough, people started to watch it, and, for some reason, really liked it! A few folks at first, but soon pretty much every single American was tuning in for the weekly show. It took them 9 years to gain an audience of 40 million viewers!

So, what's the book about? It's a journey behind the scenes of this legendary TV show, bringing the most die-hard fans a little bit closer to their favorite TV sensation. Jennifer Armstrong, the author of Seinfeldia, talks about the show and the main characters in a smart and funny way, making you laugh at practically every sentence and/or phrase. It goes without saying that if you've been watching the show for a while, this book is a must-have for you!

Even if you never heard of Seinfeld and don't even like sitcoms, give this book a try and read through the first chapter - I promise you'll fall in love with it! We all need some joy in our lives, a little bit of that fun, and Seinfeldia is the perfect recipe for a nice evening read.

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