selling-out-to-the-billionaire-by-penny-wylderPenelope is just starting to work as a realtor, and her very first client turns out to be a real-world billionaire. Yep, he's stupid rich, got all kinds of fancy cars, and looks like one of the Egyptian Gods. He's the kind of a man that can make a woman go crazy and risk losing everything just to be with him. But Penelope is not that kind of a girl. Or is she?

She was truly excited about selling a house like the "grown-ups" do and making some hard-earned cash. And, of course, she would never dream that her first client would be a handsome rich dude named Derek. He's got abs, he's got muscles, and he's got a mysterious smile that makes her feet go numb. At the same time, he seems to be an awful person and nothing she shows him or does is good enough for the Mr. Rich.

Actually, no, there is one thing that he's most certainly pleased with, and that's...Penelope. He's scolding her in all kinds of ways, while "making love" to her with his eyes. Does that make her feel uncomfortable? Yes! But it also turns her on. And, she's got a job to do, and her mission is to get him to close a deal, otherwise she'll end up where she began - with nothing.

The girl starts to think that maybe it would be a good idea to let the guy go and switch her attention to a different client, but Derek won't let her. He wants her all to himself, and that's a bit scary. He's constantly pushing her and demanding more, but Penelope can't find the strength to tell him it's enough...Selling Out to the Billionaire is one of the hottest releases of the year, and it will be a great "warm-up" for the upcoming Christmas holiday. If you love erotic novels with just the right amount of naughty and kinky, this one's for you!

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