Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin

Sense-and-Sensibility-Jane-AustinMr. Dashwood had several daughters. One of them is wise, mundane and reasonable. Other sisters are very susceptible and gentle. This is not many unexpected surprises in this Jane Austen's classic novel. There you will find all familiar trend marks of the author, including love triangles, great scandals, and good looking bad boys. This novel you may find very clever, and of course - very romantic.

After the mister Dashwood's death, his whole house goes to his faint son John. The Jon planning to marry Fanny, so she became the owner of the enormous estate very soon too. Dashwood's widow with 3 daughters received not very much. They are given with little money only.

So the Sense and Sensibility novel begin. It is novel about 2 girls with an absolutely different temper. They will try to find love. But who will find it? The one, whose nature is completely romantic or more earthly person.

The writing style of the author is especially melancholy in this novel with insertions of a darker tone near the last page of it. The storytelling not always serious. Sometimes you may find a little bit of humor in Sense and Sensibility. There are many of missis Dashwood and Marianne's funny habits.

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