settle-for-more-by-megyn-kellyMegyn Kelly, Fox's #1 superstar, is used to asking tough questions and pressing for the most important answers that the modern-day American society really needs. The most resonating issues of the 21st century need a strong voice to put them on the spot, and Megyn is the perfect person for the job. She's intelligent, witty, strong, and brave, and that's what made her one of the best and most successful journalists of our time.

She is equally respected by the old-timers, the youngsters, the Reps and the Dems. So, in Settle for More, she talks about her own live experiences, the most important moments that defined who she is today. She lost her dad back when she was still in high school, and she had to overcome a lot of obstacles on her way to the top.

Numerous challenges did their best to bring her down, but she still managed to create and host Fox's number 1 news show, and that's quite an impressive achievement. By the way, very few folks know that Megyn had a pretty successful legal career but decided to focus on her childhood dream - being a news journalist. She's loved and admired by her colleagues for dedication, hard work, and professionalism.

She's always there to talk about the things that regular US folks care about. She's a successful woman, a great mom, and a loving wife, and Settle for More will be a wonderful inspiration for the young generation of American girls who want to be just like her. This is a deeply personal, insightful and honest book about one of the most prominent women in modern-day Television. You'll learn so much about her that you never knew before, so, if you're a fan of this fascinating lady, grab a copy of her brand-new bestseller!

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