sex-lies-money-by-stuart-woodsStuart Woods, the author of numerous bestselling thrillers, delivers a brilliant new novel that will keep you on your feet until you turn that last page. Sex, Lies & Serious Money follows Barrington's mysterious new client who makes him put everything he's got into a new case. If you're a fan of action-charged, fast-paced and gripping books, this one's just perfect for you!

So, one fine day, when Barrington is on his way back home from work, he finds a client waiting for him at his own doorstep. He's in desperate need of his help, and he's ready to pay handsomely. However, when the client tells him about the nature of his recent life-changing experience, it becomes obvious that this isn't just another regular case. The man is running from all kinds of dangerous folks, starting with the elite from the NY skyscrapers and a bunch of headhunters from New Mexico.

And that's when Barrington learns, once and for all, that easy money always comes at a high prize. So, will the hero be able to beat all the odds and complete the "mission", or are his days of glory behind him? Sex, Lies & Serious Money is a brilliant thriller that's got enough momentum, tension, and suspense to become one of the best new releases of the year.

Stuart Woods has always been known for bringing that heat to his bestselling series, and his latest book is just as great as his best work to date. Hands down, if you love an irresistible, un-put-down-able adventure that's packed with murders, conspiracies, twists, turns, and a bit of romance, you simply won't be able to put Sex, Lies & Serious Money down. Yes, it's that much of a great book!

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