Christine Feehan is one of the most commercially successful and fan-favored writers of our time. This book is the fourth installment in the Shadow Riders series and is an incredible page-turner. Ricco is a golden-, play- and bad-boy. He's a billionaire and is used to always getting the best that this life has to offer. At the same time, he's a shadow rider, just like all of his siblings.

He's got a dark past that keeps haunting him, and only he can confront it and move on with his life. The man's passion and recklessness are constantly putting his family in danger. True, they all love him and are ready to stand by the man whenever he needs them, but Ricco has to get himself together. Otherwise, the Ferraro family will have to reap the catastrophic consequences of his stupidity.

To save the big, loving fam and to find peace for himself, Ricco will have to find the one and only girl who will be his soul mate, the woman of his dreams. Is it going to be easy to do that? Not really! But it will be worth it. He spends all of his time, energy and resources on finding her, and, just when he's ready to break down and give up, she comes into his life. Her name is Mariko, and her shadow aligns with his perfectly.

Is this love at first sight? Are they destined to be together? One thing is clear: she's looking for a safe place to hide from a powerful enemy that's been chasing her for months. Ricco turns out to be the perfect guardian for her, but the darkness that they both have to live with is slowly, but steadily eating them alive...Will their love be strong enough to shatter all the barriers between them and defeat the evil that’s after both Rico and Mariko?

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