shaken-by-tim-tebowTim Tebow, an exceptional football player, delivers a strong-willed, honest, revealing and powerful book about the ups and downs in our lives and how to be yourself even when it feels like you just hit the bottom. The majority of us knows first-hand what it means to have your heart broken, your dreams crashed and yourself rejected.

And, even though it's pretty hard to stay on both feet when that happens, the truth is what will help you endure. With this book, Mr. Tebow openly shares his own life experiences and talks about his ways of dealing with criticism, disappointment, and more. Shaken is his intimate story, and he did a wonderful job of creating an inspiring, uplifting and engaging book that might just be what you, me, or millions of folks out there need when we are going through a rough patch.

The man talks about what he managed to learn during the darkest moments in his career and how he regained his confidence with the help of God Almighty. At the end of the day, experiencing tough times is what makes us human, and it's up to us to be strong and to be thankful for these "tests", as we can only become better if we overcome the difficulties and beat the odds. The hard roads are not easy to travel, but they're also quite rewarding!

Don't let the circumstances define you and bring you down. Only your identity, your true identity defines you - that's how it is. So, what do you do when life flips 180 degrees on you? What do you do when, all of a sudden, your whole world comes crashing down? When doubt, weakness and the opinions of others try to make you lose your faith? Do you break down and cry, or do you rise up and become stronger than you've ever been?

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