shanghai-girls-by-lisa-seeWelcome to '37 Shanghai, ladies and gentlemen! They call this city the Paris of the Asian continent, and Pearl, a 21-year-old girl, and May, her baby sister, are enjoying their lives to the fullest. They're both young, beautiful, and without a care in their heads. But, when their father tells them that he has lost all their money in gambling, the girls don't really know how to react.

The only way for the man to repay the huge debts is to sell his two daughters as wives to men who flew from LA, America to China to hand-pick their brides. The girls have no choice but to obey. Besides, when the Japanese army starts bombing Shanghai, it becomes clear that they won't survive for long there. So, they embark on a scary, life-defining journey to the United States. They know nothing about this country, and they have no idea about their new lives in America, but there's no turning back now.

On their "trip", the sisters face all kinds of challenges and struggles: they are forced to make sacrifices, impossible choices, and learn about a cataclysmic, game-changing secret. However, all of the horrors of this new reality can't break the girls and their strong bond, because, no matter what happens to them, they're still the Shanghai girls, the indestructible sisters.

Lisa See delivers a remarkable, stunning novel that will touch you on many levels. The setting is unique, the story is fast-paced and dramatic, and the characters are truly outstanding. Shanghai Girls is a heart-wrenching, adrenaline-pumping tale that talks about loyalty, devotion, faith, strong bonds and never-breaking spirits. A must-read for the fans of intelligent, "piercing" novels.

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