Lauren Landish is one of the most prominent, fan-favored and critically-acclaimed writers of erotic novels, and every time she links up with Willow Winters, sparks start to fly, to say the very least. These ladies know how to turn the readers on, and Shared is definitely one of their finest works to date.

Damon and Mad have been through that tough life and know exactly how this world works. They've always been like brothers and are ready to give up their very lives just to help each other out. Survival is a big part of their daily routine as private security, and they are used to sharing everything, including fine-as-hell women. Bianca is a mafia boss's daughter, but the luxurious life took away her entire family.

Vit, her uncle, is the only fam she has right now, and, after some scumbags try to kill her, he hires a security team to protect her - at all costs. Their job is simple: to keep her save and put down the vagabonds that want to harm Bianca. Sounds easy enough, right? Especially for two hard-boiled fellas that know how to handle any situation and to prevail.

But, the thing is - the girl was their high-school sweetheart, and, after so many years, they still want her like crazy. Today Bianca looks sexier than ever, with that curvy body, full lips, and sweet, innocent attitude. And, as it soon turns out, she's been craving the boys too, waiting for them to come around and take her for a good ride. They know that this is wrong, unprofessional and could get them all killed, but the attraction is simply too strong to refuse. She wants them - Damon and Maddox are the two men in her life that she can't get over with, but can she really be with both of 'em?

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