Do you know why Clinton lost in the recent Presidential race in the US? No? Well, you'll know every little detail about it after you read this book. It was a sure thing - every single person in her campaign was more than confident that she was going to be the next POTUS, but the wagon fell off the rails somewhere along the way. Who’s to blame?

True, the FBI investigation, that whole Benghazi failure, and other scandalous stories did hurt the Democratic nominee a lot, but the truth is - Hillary Clinton was the biggest problem of her campaign, and there's no other way to say it. What went wrong, what the team could've fixed on every step of the way and what did the scandalous candidate miss in this historical defeat?

Parnes and Allen are pretty much the perfect folks to answer all of those questions, as they had (and still do) high-level access to all the key figures of the failed campaign, starting with the high-ranking officials and all the way to the staff. The devastating loss was the result of unused opportunities, bad decisions, and numerous other small and not-so-much mistakes that turned the country's most favorite woman into a loser and a scandalous figure.

Donald Trump was considered to be an outsider - some people even laughed at him - but he approached his Run with just the perfect dedication, motivation and master plan, and that is exactly what got him that chair in the Oval Office. Clinton, on the other hand, got a little bit "cocky", so to speak, and single-handedly ruined a sure victory. Shattered is a deeply analyzed, meticulous and insightful chronology of the key decisions and moves that have resulted in a defeat for the Democratic candidate.

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