Shan, a bestselling author, took the urban romance genre to the next level with She Got Love in the South, her latest game-changing novel about family, love, loss, secrets, betrayals and redemption. Amauri has just lost everything she held dear, and now she's trying to get by and to find her path in life. Her mom is allegedly killed by a junkie and none of her brothers wants anything to do with her.

Thankfully, the girl's uncle and aunt gladly take her in, but there's still a big "gap", an emptiness inside. Amauri feels like she's all alone in the world until Qua, her high school crush, arrives in town. Yet, he's trying all too hard to be just a good friend and tell her that she can still rely on him. But, they both know that it's all pretend and he's been in love with her for ages.

Qua has been hustlin' on the block for quite a while now, and when he got his hands on the best fish scale in the city, his whole world turned upside down (in a good way). Money started flowing his way, and the haters multiplied and are trying to bring him down. He's got more enemies out there than he can handle, and they're all hungry for his blood. Yes, he's rich now, but the heat is unbearable.

Fortunately for him, there is one girl that gives him hope and happiness, but it it's his girlfriend. No, his heart belongs to Amauri - always has - and she's the only person in the world that he wants to be with. With her by his side, Qua will crush his enemies and prevail, but she's off-limits. Why? Because she's his homie's little sis! However, the mutual attraction is too strong for them to resist. And, with Trap, the local crime boss, going head-to-head against Qua, he's gonna need her to hold him down.

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