She's Asking for It! - The Sex Your Woman is Secretly Craving (and How to Give it to Her) - A Guide for Men, Women, and Couples

shes-askng-for-itThere's Something She Isn't Telling You...

Men, this message is for you, so listen up!

Chances are, right now, the woman you're in a relationship with is craving something beyond the "normal" sex you've been giving her. To be blunt, she wants you to take control in the bedroom. And I mean really take control.

What she doesn't want is for you to be a douchebag who thinks he's still on the high school football team. That's where most men who try to be an "alpha male" go wrong...

I'll help you give her exactly what she wants, satisfying her unfulfilled fantasies of you taking charge and being assertive. I'll show you how to take her to the edge and keep her satisfied, both in and out of the bedroom.

Her Deepest Desires...

It's time you found out what they really are.

This book has been designed for two types of people:

1. The man who is wondering, "How much can I turn up the heat?"
2. The woman who wants more from her man, but isn't sure how to ask for it.

There are three sections in this book; one for men, one for women, and one for couples to read together. Each will help you to improve communication with your partner, increase intimacy, and build trust.

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